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Jan 3, 2013 6:00am EST
, another san francisco hero, the organizer of the prosecutors union, coyote, she had some good friends and clients among the san francisco police force. one of the tips are off one night to the fact that charlie was going to be killed that night, bought a copy gives us the consumer and she warned him to get home as quickly as she could. as he could. so this was the kind of violent tensions that were bring within the city over reform, because what moscow and, of course, wanted to do was open up the police force to minority. it was a very white department in those days and they were fighting it tooth and nails. and the gays and women. and so we owe mayor moscone a great debt for standing his ground because of course he came out of that world and so. he was the son of catholic, had been a basketball star at saint ignatius, and he was seen as a traitor by many of the kids, the name he grew up with who later became part of the power structure in this town. [inaudible] >> well, i'm glad you brought that up there i want to say one thing. it's illustrative with that chapter i read about the co
Jan 2, 2013 7:30am EST
. -- haiti's history. david talbot presents a history of san francisco in the 1970s in "season of witch: enchantment, terror and deliverance in the city of love." in "quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking," author susan cain examines the benefits of an introverted personality. david von trailly looks at 1862, the second year of the civil war and the actions of abraham lincoln in "rise to greatness: abraham lincoln's most perilous year." watch for this book on booktv in the coming days. and in "full body burden," kristin iverson investigates the nuclear weapons plant that was located fear her childhood home in colorado. for an extended list of links to various publications' 2012 best books list, go to >> you've been watching booktv, 48 hours of book programming beginning saturday morning at 8 eastern through monday morning at 8 eastern. nonfiction books all weekend every weekend right here on c-span2. >> booktv is in prime time this weekend on c-span2. starting tonight at 8 eastern with david talbot on the history of san francisco from 1967 to 1982
Jan 23, 2013 7:30am EST
've been in united states walking the streets, i had visited san francisco and, of course, washington. one of the things that i noticed is that america is a country that does not find itself in a state of depression as greece is. i've not seen any closed jobs. i haven't seen any sad faces. i haven't seen any signs of hopelessness everywhere. america avoided misery after 2008. you likely played a heavy burden -- paid a heavy burden upon the crisis in 2008. our economy continue to have difficulties recovering. your doctor was -- your jobless rate is still very high. people are still worked. millions of people are still having a very difficult time making a daily living. almost all the people continue being angry with all those who are responsible causing so much pain. that you avoided misery. in contrast, greece is going through a very deep misery. i'm not talking about a deep depression and i'm talking about misery. i want to make something clear. it's very clear to us that the greek economy and the greek state apparatus have their own endemic problems. these problems are structural and the
Jan 3, 2013 2:00am EST
. [applause] >> thank you so much and thank you for braving the san francisco juggernaut to be here tonight. and thank you for the booksmith for having me. i love to hang out at the store. i'm a customer more than i am an author and hopefully i have help keep your business over the years. but it's appropriate actually this weather because it's buried daschle hammond likened the season in which people knew for the hippie or stereotypes about to be, but i really wanted with "season of the witch" to tell the history of the city as daschle hammond might have written it, with the same sense of the city's toughness, of its mystery and of its kind of rugged atmosphere. many people forget that san francisco before the 50s era was a tough irish catholic, italian catholic town, very traditional in many ways and the first wave of hippies who came to this city really have the drawbridge pulled up on them. many of the kids couldn't get treatment when they had drug drop bombs and other medical problems. they were given the cold shoulder by the city and city officials. the cops were after them. so that wa
Jan 4, 2013 2:00am EST
a ticket. as in san francisco. i met someone there. i said to peter and his $72,000. how that can happen, if we know there's 9 million people waiting for treatment in africa, we need innovation. so i am seeing that what they knew that coming, which is very important. i know peter very well, he was my bios, my mentor, one of the best probably we have. and this also visited community to not show what it has been able to do for the world because today if we save millions of lives, i want to say that honestly we were no knower 10 years ago when looking for result country by country. why it's not working. today we have almost 7 million people. that is peter. peter moved us from million 2 billion in terms of resource privatization, demonstrating individual select to this indispensable to save lives for people and i want to say thanks to peter for that. >> thank you. that's nice, michel. but when you look at the index of this book, it's only people i met some purpose. why? because i was maybe different person, anything going wrong anywhere in the world in terms of aids was my personal problem.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5